What It’s Like To Wait

              Sure, everybody waits for something or someone (maybe). Waiting comes in different ways and in different kinds, but I don’t really know what are those, because in my perspective when you wait for something is when you actually spend time and effort hoping that it will come true or it will happen. Whether it is your food from your favorite fast food chain, or maybe someone special who us worth waiting or even an important announcement from your academics. I know that were mentioned above are so different among one a other but they have a common denominator which I am trying to talk about here and it is WAITING.

           In my case, I am currently waiting for something on my academics and I am waiting for a day to arrive. When you are waiting, you always feel like there is an adrenaline rush flowing in your whole system simply because you are anticipating for something to come. It will make you feel such different emotions which can, obviously, affect your whole state of mind. Because even if there is an assurance that it will arrive or happen soon, but at the back of your mind follows the nights when you overthink about it too much. And that is one of the thousand reasons on what it’s like to wait. Crazy, right?! Another is that when waiting, you get too hopeful and you have so much energy because you are anticipating for something. It is like whe  you are still a kid, and you saw your favorite toy in the toy store while waiting for it to be yours? Yes, that is how it goes. Just imagine the emotions that you feel when you are at that scene.

            But I don’t really get why we wait instead of just getting it already. Like, do you really have to be patient enough just for you to have it? Or does the universe only want to see you feel different emotions and hear your worries while you are on that stage of waiting? I guess nobody knows. But what I know, for sure, is that maybe it is considered to be te hardest part in our lives is because waiting makes us feel that you have spent so much time for something to arrive and maybe it wants you to know that  not everything that you want or wish for can be given in just a snap!  Maybe, it wants you to know the whole process simply because it wants you to really feel the relief and the worth of something that you are waiting for a long time. Another is that sometimes destiny just decides whether or not an individual should wait for a long or for a short time. But in my experiences, it is mostly a kinda long time and that is why I see the worth of each blessing that me and my family have. I find it crazy and meaningful, at the same time, to wait for something because not only that it tests your patience, but it will also give you so much to realize. It will let you learn different lessons while you are on the stage of anticipating for something to arrive, and I think that it is also a great addition while you are waiting because you will appreciate the worth of something that you have been waiting for to come.

Tips On How To Organize Your School Life

Yes! Everyone can relate to this, including me, and most people are finding sources on the internet and other study blogs on Tumblr (not that my blog is a study blog). So that is why I made this blog post for my readers(or do I even have those) to actually get a tip or two or three, even, based on my experiences on dealing with school/college life!

As a college student with a lot extra activities like reviewing my lessons, blogging, social media, novel book reading and family time, I find myself sometimes stuck in the middle of my own thought thinking about what will I do next even if I have a lot of other things to accomplish within my day. So, based on my personal experiences and lessons learned from those experiences, let me share with you some tips that I practice ever since I started to become really grade conscious (since third year high school, aha!)

This may sound easy but let me tell you this… Having a planner and keeping a planner are two very different things. Because when you have it, it means you just literally have it. But when you keep it, for me, you are using it regularly and not just displaying it. So, once you learn how to keep a planner, remember to put down everything that you have to do and will going to do especially with upcoming events that you have attended and will attend to. I know that having a too pricey planner and a very cute one too is very tricky because you may not want to ruin it with your penmanship! But for the sake of your plans, events and schedule, you should put everything in it!

Also, when keeping a planner, you have to put on legends and some color coding using post-it notes and color pens. For you not to be confused when you are using it.


In relation to number one, tip number two should also be done regularly. Having a to-do list makes you keep on track with your plans for today and it also serves as a reminder!

A reminder, of course, that lets you remember that throughout the day, you still have responsibilities and duties to fulfill. This is an effective way especially when you are a busy girl who’s always on the go!

And another thing is that a to-do list lets you remember home works and projects to be done on a specific day while putting all the deadline dates on your planner. See how both are related? Cool, right?!

Now that we’re in the millennial era, most of us in school are now used to getting soft copies and taking photos of the professor’s writings on the board or on the professor’s PowerPoint presentation. But this habit should really be thrown in the trash and in the past! I mean, come on, only lazy people take photos of the writings on the board! Because, obviously, that will lead to the student not rewriting the notes and just read it that’s why they get confused and unorganized because they didn’t understand the writings that they took photos of. And that leads to, low grades and more lazy life.

I’m not against it actually. It’s definitely okay to take photos of the writings on the board as long as you rewrite it. I’m just pointing out that if taking photos of it affects your performance, in a bad way, then better try to speed up your handwriting while in class discussion for you to really get what the lesson is all about and just ditch taking photos of the notes. Because most students are used to taking photos of their notes and not even rewriting it and I just really want to let them know that it’s not a good study habit and it makes them more lazy.

This is for having a to-do list. Once that you have finished doing your list of to-do, mark those tasks using numbers or by encircling it based on how important it is. Or better yet, once you’ve listed down your tasks, arrange it again by how heavy the task and by how important it is—again. Either way is effective but I think the second option is better!

In that way, you will not cram later on that specific day or you will not regret that you have done something that’s not as important as the one that you haven’t finished yet. And that leads to a no cram, zero pressure day.

If you already have a registration form or enrollment form with the subject’s informations, then it is time to make your own schedule!

Making and arranging your schedule is a tricky task but it surely is worth every minute you have spent on doing it because it will give you an organized table of your classes and extra activities.

But you’re fortunate enough if you have a tabulated schedule from the university— less time on making and arranging!

I know that your parents’ are still giving you a curfew time but as a disciplined young girl, you are setting yourself your very own curfew which is way more earlier than your usual parent-approved curfew.

In that way, you are now making your parents happy and worry-free and it gives you more time to do a lot of school works after class. Also, in that way, you will not have to pull off an all-nighter doing school works that you should have done earlier that day. And following this tip gives you a healthier body clock and a healthier skin because of not having to stay up too late cramming on doing school works which are due by tomorrow.

Joining in organizations within the campus is a very enjoyable way to enjoy your school life! Plus, it lets you meet different co-students from different colleges and who knows, maybe they will add up as your college friends.

Another is that joining organizations in school helps you to have a guide on dealing with school life and it lets you keep updated with what’s happening at the moment in your university or school. And in an organization, most of its members share the same interests and passion that will make you feel at home in your school and it will make you feel welcome at all times.

I do this. And I bet, others do the same as well. For the love of having color pens, I do color code my notes. I have already tried highlighters, but I always end up highlighting almost all of my notes so that’s why I have decided to just buy color pens to make it look more attractive and decent.

Color coding your notes is fun especially because it helps you remember your notes while reviewing and you will not get lost on every page and you will not get confused because it is color coded and organized. And it adds beauty to your notes and that will lead you to reading your own notes anytime and it will serve as your own mini review time without you knowing. *winks*

Well I guess you’re up for a lot of more tips from me but I only gave you eight, and I really do hope that you got something at least one or two tips that you can actually apply in real life. Trust me, I do all eight tips!

As a grade conscious and an OC person (since college, lol but I’m serious though), I do these things for me to have a no cram, zero pressure school life!

And always remember that an organized school life leads to having a no cram, zero pressure school life. *winks again*

Why I Chose To Blog At Sixteen

Let’s all admit. Blogs and bloggers are so in right now, right? I just noticed that since I followed my first favorite fashion blogger, Tricia Gosingtian. Actually, I never have thought that I  will start my own second and final blog since I am a newbie blogger on the scene I tend not to be so updated and not so formal  in my first blog, which was on Tumblr. (but it got too messy and not so cool unlike WordPress)

At sixteen, I know its a very  young age to even start blogging but I don’t care because I feel like this is the right time to start one and why should  I stop myself? “THE HEART WANTS WHAT IT WANTS”, everyone…(he he he) but kidding aside, I really want to blog especially because I enjoy to write and I like to take photos and fashion so why not?

The top three (3) things that inspired me, as mentioned earlier, first is I enjoy to write. Name it, anything that has to do with writing but I’m the kind who doesn’t call my writings as like a prose, a poem, an informal, a fan fiction and the like. I would rather call my works as what they is– and it means, I call them by the title I named it. As a teenager, I still write on a diary and there I will write most of what I feel. I even kind of wrote an “emotional” untitled so-called poem in my diary. But enough spilling what my diary is all about because technically, it’s confidential–right? Another is when in high school, we all know that high school is very much 50% exams and quizzes, and 50% formal theme writing (haha that’s a joke lol) but really, in our  English class in high school  our teachers always let us write a formal theme paper so maybe that’s one of the reasons as well on why I find writing enjoyable.

Second, is because of my interest and hobby of taking photos. I usually do this more than thrice a week, never a week will pass that I haven’t taken a selfie  or any other photo because it’s so fun and it boosts my self-esteem. To my interest in taking photos, I post the most IG-worthy photos on my private account so that I can show it to my friends and relatives. But right now, because of the blog, I started to make a new account because my private account is as messy as ever (lol). Probably in my blog, I will post a lot of pictures too and not full on words, because hello this will be a fashion and lifestyle blog, and for my blog  to really be as lively so that my future readers would totally enjoy reading and revisiting my blog.

And lastly… it is for the love of fashion. According to Wikipedia, the first sentence of the meaning is “Fashion is a popular style or practice, especially in clothing, footwear, accessories,makeup, body or furniture.”

For me, fashion is a wide concept to talk about. When talking about fashion, I think that you have to be more specific on what you want to talk about like for example (men’s fashion, women’s fashion, style, gown designing, designer brands, and etc.), do you get it on where I am coming? And that’s what captured my attention about it. Sometimes I tend to mix fashion and style although both are related. But I think I do more style than fashion, even if  I mix both. In styling, I get to mix and match any clothing that would best complete my outfit. I may not own a lot of designer brands but my top brands on the list are Lee, Forever 21, H&M, and Nike while the others are from department stores and from Divisoria. I don’t think that one has to really buy designer clothing, when it doesn’t even fit your style.  It’s like spending on something you’re gonna throw away soon. And sometimes, even when you’re wearing a designer clothing line but it looks cheap depending on the owner, then it definitely is not worth the thousand pesos that your parents or you had spent. So, I suggest that mix and match and discover a lot in styling because it’s so much fun but I don’t really meant to offend when I said the cheap thing because it happens in real life, right? (peace and love yo)

And there you have it! I have already shared a bit of my knowledge about photos, writing and fashion, and I do hope that you’ll learn something from my blog entry though. (Lol)