What It’s Like To Wait

              Sure, everybody waits for something or someone (maybe). Waiting comes in different ways and in different kinds, but I don’t really know what are those, because in my perspective when you wait for something is when you actually spend time and effort hoping that it will come true or it will happen. Whether it is your food from your favorite fast food chain, or maybe someone special who us worth waiting or even an important announcement from your academics. I know that were mentioned above are so different among one a other but they have a common denominator which I am trying to talk about here and it is WAITING.

           In my case, I am currently waiting for something on my academics and I am waiting for a day to arrive. When you are waiting, you always feel like there is an adrenaline rush flowing in your whole system simply because you are anticipating for something to come. It will make you feel such different emotions which can, obviously, affect your whole state of mind. Because even if there is an assurance that it will arrive or happen soon, but at the back of your mind follows the nights when you overthink about it too much. And that is one of the thousand reasons on what it’s like to wait. Crazy, right?! Another is that when waiting, you get too hopeful and you have so much energy because you are anticipating for something. It is like whe  you are still a kid, and you saw your favorite toy in the toy store while waiting for it to be yours? Yes, that is how it goes. Just imagine the emotions that you feel when you are at that scene.

            But I don’t really get why we wait instead of just getting it already. Like, do you really have to be patient enough just for you to have it? Or does the universe only want to see you feel different emotions and hear your worries while you are on that stage of waiting? I guess nobody knows. But what I know, for sure, is that maybe it is considered to be te hardest part in our lives is because waiting makes us feel that you have spent so much time for something to arrive and maybe it wants you to know that  not everything that you want or wish for can be given in just a snap!  Maybe, it wants you to know the whole process simply because it wants you to really feel the relief and the worth of something that you are waiting for a long time. Another is that sometimes destiny just decides whether or not an individual should wait for a long or for a short time. But in my experiences, it is mostly a kinda long time and that is why I see the worth of each blessing that me and my family have. I find it crazy and meaningful, at the same time, to wait for something because not only that it tests your patience, but it will also give you so much to realize. It will let you learn different lessons while you are on the stage of anticipating for something to arrive, and I think that it is also a great addition while you are waiting because you will appreciate the worth of something that you have been waiting for to come.


sixteen going on seventeen

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